Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 20th March 2018


The best bedrooms for a perfect night’s sleep

March is National Bed Month and with increasing evidence that a good night’s rest is essential for health, happiness and success, here at Michael Graham we think it’s the perfect time to focus on bedrooms. So whether we’re getting the recommended eight hours a night or not, here’s what the experts say will maximise our quality of sleep when our heads do hit the pillow.

The art of Zen. Layout and lighting are the foundations of a calm and relaxing bedroom. Face the bed towards the door, and to maximise energy flow in the room choose a bed on legs, rather than a divan, so that clear floor can be seen underneath. Lighting has a massive effect on atmosphere, so avoid spotlights and go for table lamps and wall lights with dimmer switches. Swap white or blue lights for a more orange, restful glow.

Colour for calm. An all-white bedroom may sound very Zen, but when it’s cold outside can feel uninviting. Off-white is warmer, but definite colour has been scientifically proven to improve our mood. We love Farrow & Ball’s green, yellow and pink paint colours for bedroom walls, matched with natural linen sheets. Piglet in Bed has a stonewashed range in sage, blush and dove grey tones, and The White Company recently launched its luxurious 1000-thread-count collection for the ultimate in softness. Bold colours can also increase feelings of wellness. Try reversible bedlinen accessorised with blankets, throws and cushions. Habitat has lots in its spring collection, and for fans of Parisian chic, favourite French homeware brand Blanc Cerise is now just a click away.

Comfort between the sheets. As Goldilocks knew only too well, the mattress must feel just right. If possible, go into a shop and try before you buy. Down duvets are light as a feather these days and the “fill power rating” grades the fluffiness of the filling. The higher the rating, the warmer the duvet. If you and your partner have different duvet demands, John Lewis’s Duvet Menu service is the answer to your prayers. Their mill in Lancashire will create your own personalised duvet in any shape, size or tog, with prices ranging from £120 to £10,000. Then all you need is a smart pillow, like the Zeeq, which tracks your sleep, vibrates to nudge you if you’re snoring, and has speakers inside so you can fall asleep to your favourite, relaxing music. Which means all other devices can be banished from the bedroom ensuring the best night’s sleep you’ve had in years.

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