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8 things to look for in an estate agent

Selling your home is a big decision, both emotionally and financially, so it only makes sense to ensure you find the best agent for you and your property. Whether you’re downsizing from your family home or upsizing from your first home, it’s important that you get a fair, realistic selling price and find the right buyer.

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So, what qualities should you look for in a good estate agent? Here are some things to consider:


1. Are they local experts?


When selling your property, a good agent should be able to talk up the local area, providing insight into all the nearby amenities, local businesses, and the perks of living there. They’ll also have a deeper understanding of what the market is like in that area, giving them an idea of how many viewings you’re likely to have or how quickly your home is likely to sell.


2. How good is their marketing?


Their website should look the part, be user-friendly, and full of helpful information. And don’t forget to look at their property search – how easy is it to use? Does it have good filters to help you find the perfect home? If so, prospective buyers will enjoy the same experience when seeing your property online.

But beyond the world wide web, you should also find out about their print advertising. Do they feature properties in relevant publications? Do they provide high-quality brochures? These are all things that may help your sale.


3. Do they sell similar properties to yours?


If an agent is selling homes that are similar to yours, you may see this as competition. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

This shows that the agent knows their market, knows their audience, and is an expert in selling properties just like yours. If anything, this could be a great advantage to your sale. You may also be able to ask questions about how quickly similar properties have sold, and how much for.


4. Do they have professional photography?


When selling your home, representation is key, so the last thing you need is poor photography. A good agent will have a professional property photographer who will shoot your home at the best angles with the best equipment, and be able to advise you on how to prep your home for a photoshoot. So, look out for bright, inviting images that showcase the best parts of every house.

We’re immensely proud of our photography at Michael Graham and always ensure each property is well-presented both online and in our brochures.


5. Do they advertise on the top property portals?


When searching for your next move, you’re likely to start with a popular property site.

At Michael Graham, we reach prospective buyers using a range of platforms, including Rightmove and On The Market. But not every estate agent uses these portals…

Before choosing who to sell your home with, it might be worth doing a quick property search for your area on these sites to see which agents come up. If your chosen agent uses these portals, you can feel at ease knowing your home will reach a wider audience.


6. Are they active on social media?


It’s a huge plus to know that your agent is actively engaging with their online audience. So always check their social media platforms to see what the get up to…

Do they post regularly? Do they feature a wide variety of properties? Do they have a large Instagram following? And do they respond to comments?

These are all great signs that the agent is not only active on social media, but that they use those platforms to widen their audience and showcase their properties.

At Michael Graham, we not only do this, but also put budget behind our social media activity, enabling to incorporate paid advertising that targets specific audiences.


7. Do they offer financial advice?


Is your chosen agent able to offer you financial advice? And more to the point, is it free?

Selling or buying a home is a huge financial transaction, so if your estate agent has in-house mortgage advisors and financial consultants, it’s a big bonus.

Michael Graham Financial Services are a great example of what you should expect from an agent offering this service, providing expert advice on mortgages, protection, and insurance.


8. Are they an online agent or high street agent?


You may think that an online agent is the better choice in our increasingly digital world, especially when they claim to be cheaper. However, do these agents offer the same local presence?

There are huge benefits to using an agent with a nearby office or various branches. These agents not only open up your audience to walk-ins, but also tend to have a local reputation, meaning they gain more trust with prospective buyers. At Michael Graham, we have a local reputation in our counties, as well as a large online presence, giving you the best of both worlds!

And they don’t need to cost the earth… Many high street agents, just like Michael Graham, offer a fair price with a “no sale, no fee” guarantee.


Above all, it’s important to feel that you’ve chosen an estate agent who will meet your needs and make your selling journey as seamless as possible, and there’s no better place to start than with Michael Graham.

Book a free valuation today to find out how much your property could be worth.

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