Written by Carly Freestone | 27th January 2023


Preparing your home for a professional photoshoot

To make a good first impression on potential buyers, high quality photos of your property are vital. Our team of in-house photographers will capture your home at its very best. In readiness for shoots and viewings, it is worth considering how you can help present your home. Follow our tips and alongside our photographers’ expertise, we will ensure that your home stands out on the market.

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External Shots

  1. Maximise kerb appeal by ensuring leaves are swept and front doors clean
  2. Move vehicles from driveways
  3. Remove bins, hose pipes, toys, washing lines and compost and rubbish bags
  4. Close all windows so the frontage appears consistent
  5. Open curtains and blinds

Kitchen Shots

  1. Clear worktops of clutter
  2. Hide sponges, tea towels and oven gloves
  3. Move bins out of sight
  4. Ensure cupboard doors and drawers are closed
  5. Clear sinks
  6. Remove fridge magnets

Reception Room Shots

  1. Tidy cushions and throws
  2. Remove clutter from coffee tables and under sofas
  3. Store away toys, DVDs and games
  4. Ensure all light bulbs are working as lights are left on for photos
  5. Consider removing family photos that you don’t want to appear in your property’s marketing

Bedroom Shots

  1. Pull duvets and bedspreads as tautly as you can so that these aren’t wrinkled
  2. Remove clutter from under the bed
  3. Close wardrobe doors
  4. Ensure clothes and shoes are stored away
  5. Pack away chargers and other small electrical items

Bathroom Shots

  1. Leave toilet seats down
  2. Remove excess towels and toilet paper
  3. Clear counter-tops of products
  4. Bathrooms should look dressed but not cluttered
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