Written by Carly Freestone | 24th May 2024


The benefits of a “For Sale” board

Technology and marketing methods are constantly evolving in the world of estate agency, but one thing has remained the same; the impact of the “For Sale” board. Used alongside brochures, printed advertising, websites, social media, and other forms of marketing, “For Sale” boards are still an essential way to advertise homes for sale to the widest audience.

The benefits of a “For Sale” board

This year so far, thirty-one Michael Graham customers have chosen to display a "For Sale" board outside their home. Twenty-one of those properties are now sold. The “For Sale” board undoubtedly played a part in that success, so what makes them such a powerful tool?


Word of Mouth

People are constantly driving through or walking around towns and villages and boards can be a highly effective way to generate enquiries. Word of mouth is still an extremely powerful tool and news spreads quickly through pubs, shops, the school run, social gatherings, and parties.


Increased Visibility

A board clearly signals to potential buyers that the property is on the market, increasing visibility among those actively looking for a home in the area.


Targeted Advertising

Boards provide targeted advertising to people specifically interested in a particular area, attracting potential buyers who have been keeping an eye out for properties coming up for sale.



For agents and buyers, boards are a visual marker, making it easier for them to locate the property. Being unable to locate the property when arriving for a viewing can set things off on a bad note.


Impulse Purchases

Some buyers might not actively be searching for a property but may become interested when they see a house they love while passing.


Establishes Trust

Seeing a professional board can give potential buyers confidence, knowing that a reputable agent is involved in the sale.


Staying Competitive

In areas where "For Sale" boards are common, not having one makes a property less visible or the homeowner seem less serious about selling compared to other listings.


Speed of Sale

Properties with "For Sale" boards tend to sell faster on average, due to a combination of all the reasons above.


If a buyer is in doubt about displaying a board at their property, we are very happy to have a short trial, putting up a board for a week or two to monitor its success. All Michael Graham’s “For Sale” boards clearly carry our contact details so a formal viewing can be arranged by one of our team, and rest assured that all potential buyers are closely vetted. If you are considering selling your home, we would love to help. Call one of our agents now and let us help you get the ball rolling.

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