Written by Lisa Proffitt | 21st December 2022


Questions to ask estate agents when you're selling

Choosing the right agent will help you sell your home quickly and help make the selling journey a lot less stressful. At Michael Graham our free no-obligation market appraisals give us an opportunity to meet you and talk about what you want to achieve with the sale. At any appraisal, asking the following questions will help you decide on the right agent:

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Which properties have you sold recently?

Find out about the experience that an estate agent has in your area, how similar the properties they have sold are to your home and how long they were on the market for. The more alike the properties are, the more relevant market experience the estate agent will be able to bring to your home sale. At Michael Graham our agents are local experts and our fifteen offices work together so are very likely to have already been in touch with people who are interested in buying a property like yours. They'll also know what sort of asking price will attract interest in the current market.

What percentage of the asking price do you usually achieve?

If an estate agent consistently sells properties close to the asking price, it demonstrates their skill at competitively valuing homes for sale. On the other hand, if an agent regularly has to significantly reduce the price of homes to get the sale, it may mean they are overvaluing. That being said, it is worth bearing in mind that rapidly changing market conditions can impact an agent's ability to achieve an asking price. An agent who wants to reduce the price may be doing so for the right reasons.

How will you market my property?

As a bare minimum all agents should put your property up on a national online property portal, provide professional photography and a floorplan, and conduct viewings and answer any questions about your home promptly. The best estate agents have tailored marketing plans which use online advertising via social media channels and Google, targeting the method of advertising to the buyers that are likely to be looking for your home. For sellers who choose Michael Graham, this form of bespoke marketing comes as standard.

What are your fees and what's included in them?

Before you decide which agent to work with, ask for a detailed break-down of their fees. Along with most traditional high street agents, Michael Graham includes all costs in a single commission-based fee paid on completion of the sale. However, some may charge a fee for professional photography for your property. Online and hybrid agents usually charge an upfront fee, which won't include all your marketing costs. Asking for a full breakdown of costs from the start will help you avoid any unexpected bills.

How often will you be in touch?

Some sellers like to receive regular updates whereas others prefer their estate agent to only get in touch with significant news. Use the appraisal meeting as a time to clearly lay out what you expect from the relationship. If you choose Michael Graham to sell your home you will have one dedicated agent as your point of contact for the sale who will be available on the end of the phone and be in regular contact to make sure you’re kept in the loop. You can also access all details of your sale via the online portal MY MG.

Anything else that's important to you?

This is your opportunity to find out whether you're confident with the agents ability to sell your property. Ask as many questions as you need at this stage to help you decide. Selling your much loved family home can be a daunting experience, so make sure you've got all the information you need to make the right decision.

Questions estate agents might ask you

Your prospective estate agent will want to find out more about your property in order to make a fully informed valuation. The more detail you can give the better. For example, the agent will want to know whether you’ve previously tried to sell, whether you’re aware of any structural issues and how much you tend to spend on your utility bills. Most estate agents should be aware of the transport links and local schools and amenities, but if you're having a valuation conducted by an online agent, they may ask for that information too.

If you’re thinking of moving house we would love to help you get the wheels in motion. Please contact your local Michael Graham office or book a free valuation online now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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