Written by Carly O'Brien | 7th March 2017


Mirror Mirror

Mansions for sale may not need a mirror’s magical property of making a small room appear larger, but whatever the size of your home, a strategically placed mirror can work design wonders, making any room appear lighter and brighter. So, if you’re thinking of hanging a mirror, these are our top tips:

  1. Safety first. Use the right fixings for your wall and make sure there are no pipes or electricity cables where you’re about to drill or hammer.
  2. Consider the colour of the walls as a mirror will intensify and reflect the pigment. Similarly, any wallpaper pattern will be intensified.
  3. The height of the mirror should be based on your own height, on average 5ft 6inches from the floor.
  4. If in doubt, cut out a paper template and tack it to the wall to help you visualise the best mirror for the space.
  5. Make sure the wall you choose faces something you want reflected. A window is ideal, the television not so much good?.

You can never have too many mirrors in your home and even mansions for sale may profit from a little mirror advice, which is to have a vertical wall mirror to maximise the impact of the tall rooms. Long rooms do better with a horizontally-set mirror. As decorative as artwork, they serve a practical purpose too so a perfect spot to hang one is in the front hallway for that final check before leaving the house. Dining rooms can also be transformed by a mirror, especially candlelit at night when they reflect and create a warm and romantic glow.

A final thought. If sleeping easy in your bed at night is as important as the look of the bedroom, then please call in a professional if you want a mirror above the bed.

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