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How to use feng shui to sell your house

London’s first billion-pound luxury hotel opened recently. Since construction began on Hyde Park Corner in 2017, a feng shui master has been advising the owner on the flow of energy through what is now the eight-storey Peninsula London hotel. To ensure good fortune, the September 12th opening date, and even the precise minute that the first room key was handed over, was decided by feng shui.

Using feng shui to help sell your home

Take a look at the hotel...


So what exactly is feng shui and can it help us sell our homes?


What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that dates back more than 3,000 years and remains popular with homeowners worldwide today. Literally translated, feng shui means “wind and water”, and followers believe that buildings arranged according to its principles improve the life of the people who live in them by channelling positive energy, known as qi. According to feng shui, everything from the front door to the colours the walls are painted (neutrals or subtle shades) contributes to the energy of your home.


How to apply Feng Shui to your Home...


How to Feng Shui the Front Door

A property’s front door is very important in feng shui and is known as the 'Mouth of Chi', where the energy enters your home. We know that when we’re selling our home first impressions are vital so in order to attract positive energy – and those buyers - lavish attention on the front door:

1. Clean and polish the hardware and place a planter with healthy plants either side of the door.

2. Make sure the entrance hall is well-lit and clutter-free. It sets the tone for the whole house and clutter is the antithesis of feng shui.

3. If you plan to upgrade the front door, go for a solid design without any windows. This is believed to reduce insecurity and vulnerability. Powerful feng shui colours are red - which is associated with fame, recognition and abundance - or glossy black, which mimics water and relates to life's journey and career.


How to Feng Shui a Kitchen

1.A feng shui expert would advise painting a kitchen yellow, the colour the Chinese associate with good digestion.

2.Keep work surfaces free from excessive gadgets.

3. Fresh flowers are said to bring uplifting energy into a room, along with bowls of fruit and house plants.


How to Feng Shui a Bedroom

In feng shui, a bedroom is one of the main energy centres of the home and the following tips are believed to optimise positive energy:

1, Place the bed where you can see the entrance of the room, looking toward the door but not directly opposite.

2. The bed should be against a solid wall, never under a window.

3. Avoid placing the bed under a sloped/dormer style ceiling or directly under a fan, chandelier or pendant light as this promotes a sense of physical pressure.

4. Try not to store anything under the bed, it symbolises blockages in your life.


How to Feng Shui a Bathroom

1. In Chinese culture, the element associated with money is water, something that is literally flushed away in the bathroom. To counteract this, place flowers or a bowl of pebbles in the bathroom.

2. Keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom door shut.

3.Keep mirrors clean so that they can reflect with intention and clarity


How to Feng Shui a Home Office

With more of us spending more time working from home, office feng shui ideas are worth considering to help boost your career and maximize productivity. 

1. Clean out your desk drawers and filing cabinets. Throw out or recycle anything you haven't used in six months.

2. Face a window for yang energy, never have a desk facing a wall.

3. Sit with your back to a solid wall. 


If you are thinking of selling your home and would like a free market appraisal from one of our local experts, you can book a convenient date and time online or call your local office and they will be delighted to help.

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