Written by Carly O'Brien | 21st August 2018


Country Cottages: Living the Rural Dream

Have you recently returned from a holiday in a country cottage and dream of packing your bags, heading back and never returning to city life again? Or perhaps you’ve spent a weekend with country friends, enjoyed an afternoon at their village fete or watching cricket on the village green and are now seriously considering upping sticks and moving to the country yourself?

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For many in search of the rural idyll, the ultimate dream is a thatched cottage packed with period features, preferably in a village with a shop and a traditional pub.

Cottages do typically offer pretty features such as inglenook fireplaces, exposed beams and flagstone floors.  They are also the most affordable village homes as they’re generally smaller than farmhouses or rectories.  Although, for those buyers looking for spacious living accommodation, don’t rule out a cottage.  Here at Michael Graham we have several cottages that have been both refurbished and extended by the current owners, so offer all the benefits of a traditional cottage, but with the advantages of additional living space plus contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.

For that quintessentially English, chocolate-box look, nothing beats thatch.  Many potential buyers will fall in love at first sight when they’re shown a thatched cottage, and who can blame them?   Whilst there’s no escaping the reality that a total rethatch is a costly job, thatched roofs fortunately do have a long lifespan. The ridge will probably need replacing every ten to 15 years, but the rest of the thatch can last decades and water reed thatch can last more than 50 years if it’s properly maintained.  Thatched roofs aren’t just beautiful to look at either, there are numerous practical benefits too.  Thatch is waterproof, low-maintenance, eco-friendly and insulating, ensuring the house is cosy in winter and cool in summer.

Imagine a traditional country cottage and you’ll probably conjure up a picture that includes roses around the front door.  Perhaps unsurprisingly then, ‘Rose Cottage’ is one of the most popular names chosen for a cottage, underlining the fact that the romance and charm of a cottage is hard to beat.

Do you fancy a country cottage?  Have a look at the Michael Graham cottages below.  They could make your dreams of a rural retreat a reality. 

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