Written by Lisa Proffitt | 30th July 2019


Bungalows: The benefits of single-storey living

If you’re thinking of upping sticks and moving to the country, you probably have a pretty good idea of what your perfect home looks like. Maybe it’s a thatched cottage on a village green, or an elegant manor house with gardens and grounds.

Pros & Cons of a Bungalow

Here at Michael Graham, as well as period properties and contemporary new builds we also have a number of remarkable bungalows for sale, some with equestrian facilities and outbuildings to rival those of a country estate. Bungalows offer huge benefits for family life, consider the following top ten:

  1. Open-plan living: More popular than ever, open-plan living is often a prerequisite for buyers looking for their new home. Bungalows often have an open plan kitchen/dining/living area which makes the space super-flexible, easy to use and bright and airy.
  2. If the roof has unused attic space it could be converted to a bedroom or mezzanine while still preserving the single-level feel of the bungalow. This might even be possible without planning consent if the location is outside a conservation area.
  3. If modernisation and refurbishment is on the agenda, a bungalow is a straightforward building to work with as walls aren’t load-bearing in the same way as in a two-storey property.
  4. Child-friendly: I’ll never forget a friend’s toddler falling down the stairs in their two-storey farmhouse. She was fine, but they now live in a bungalow.
  5. Having no stairs means you can never forget something at the top of them.
  6. Flexibility: The bathroom and kitchen are harder rooms to relocate, but the layout of bedrooms and reception rooms can be flipped around to suit your family dynamic.
  7. Low-cost maintenance and repairs: No need for hundreds of pounds’ worth of scaffolding to get a builder up on the roof. Pop up a ladder yourself to check the gutters, clean the windows or rescue the cat.
  8. Bungalows hold their value. You won’t lose money on a bungalow. In fact, because demand for bungalows outstrips supply, they command a premium.
  9. Large gardens: Bungalows usually have wraparound gardens which can be viewed from all of the rooms. Two of the bungalows featured below have acres of paddocks and grounds and all three have stunning gardens.
  10. Bungalows tend to sit on generous plots and have large footprints, giving renovators wide scope to maximise potential.

Here at Michael Graham we specialise in town and country homes to buy or to let and whatever style of property you’re looking for we’d love to help you find your perfect home. You can see all Michael Graham homes available now by clicking the Property Search button on the website and if you’re thinking of selling or letting your home, we’d love to hear from you too.

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