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Alex Mitchell
Written by Alex Mitchell 22nd September 2017

The Perfect Wet Room

Wet rooms are not just wet, they’re cool. Think of them as the stylish and contemporary cousin of the classic bathroom. So, if you’ve been converted to the benefits of open plan showering, what is the low down on having a wet room?

First and foremost, the floor needs to be engineered so that it slopes enough to allow the shower water to be channelled into a drain. Then the entire room needs to be waterproofed, or ‘tanked’. A specialist company will do the whole thing, and is less complicated than using a separate builder, plumber, and tiler. The Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association ( and Federation of Master Builders ( will know a company in your area.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles for the walls and floor are the best option, as unlike their porous relations (slate, marble and limestone), they don’t need resealing every few months. And only use floor tiles specifically for the bathroom, ideally with a textured surface to avoid slipping. More accidents happen in the bathroom than in any other room in a house. Underfloor heating may feel counter-intuitive in a wet room, but it will help dry out the water on the floor, as well as keeping your tiles warm underfoot.

As a second bathroom and done properly, a stylish wet room will add value to your property. But think carefully before converting a bathroom if it contains your only bath, as it will have the opposite effect and make your property less saleable. Buyers like to know there’s the option of having a dip. If you do decide you can afford to ditch the bath tub, the resulting room will feel much more spacious. Cleaning will be easier too. Bear in mind though that if you do have a shower in a small room, the towels and loo rolls may well get a sprinkling or a soaking, depending on how powerful a shower you go for. In fact, many wet rooms have a glass screen or tiled partition wall for this reason. If you do use a glass screen in your design, make sure it has a border or frosting to make sure it is visible.

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