Written by Lisa Proffitt | 14th February 2024


Ten ways to make buyers fall in love with your home

Not only does Valentine’s Day fall in February, but this is the month when most estate agents report the largest number of buyer enquiries. So, with thousands of homes available for sale, how do you make potential buyers fall in love with your home over the competition? In a world of first impressions and emotional decision-making, how do you give your home the edge?

Selling your house

Here are ten simple things that you can do to encourage that elusive connection and increase the chances of prospective buyers falling for your home:


Realistic Valuation

Over-pricing a property will extend the time your home stays on the market. Pricing correctly from the start is the key to a swift sale, especially in a buyers’ market. At Michael Graham, we pride ourselves on realistic market appraisals. These are guided by an expert understanding of the prevailing market conditions and the buyers who are active in the market.


First Impressions

Statistically, you have just eight seconds for potential buyers to fall in love so the styling and marketing of your home should be geared towards making a lasting first impression. On a first viewing a buyer is after the right ‘feel’ which can only be created through aesthetics, ambience and presentation.


Outside Space

If you’re selling, make sure your outside space is given the same attention as the inside. Outdoor spaces are more important to us than ever before and can be a real deal clincher for property sales. Make your garden a selling point by keeping it looking its best - cut the grass, remove weeds, repair walls or paint fencing.



One of the main considerations for home buyers is location. If your home is in a sought-after area, you’ve already ticked off one of the main reasons for a buyer to buy. If your home isn’t in an ideal location, emphasise your home’s value in other ways. Draw attention to great transport links and local schools and any unique features of your home, like a separate home office or annexe.


Kerb Appeal

Buyers are forming all sorts of opinions about your home as soon as they walk up to the front door. Give it a lick of paint or a coat of varnish, polish any door furniture and make sure the doorbell works. The front garden should look pristine, and a large plant pot either side of the front door is an easy way to make a style statement.



Scent plays a part in creating the right ambience, and candles with scents like jasmine, vanilla or magnolia also neutralise any odours. Fresh air and flowers are fail safe, so ensure your home is open to the elements. Putting on the heating in the winter and opening the door to the garden in the summer help to make a property seem more like a potential home.


Fix Problems

When a home is clean and well-maintained, a buyer will feel confident about making an offer. This is the biggest financial transaction in someone’s life, and the more confident the buyer feels the better. Take care of any problems in your home. Fix the leaky tap, if a light bulb has blown, swap it. If a bit of paintwork needs touching up, get your brushes out. Little inexpensive DIY jobs that have all been sitting on the ‘to do’ list are well worth working through, helping to create a more favourable impression of your property rather than suggesting that there may be even bigger issues lurking.


Minimise Clutter

If you want a buyer to fall in love with your home, have a good clear out. Everything from clearing cluttered shelves and mantelpieces, to moving an item of furniture into the garage or temporary storage, can help to sell your home. Decluttering gives the illusion of having more room to play with. You want buyers to picture themselves living in your home, not wondering why you haven’t sorted out storage solutions.


Freshen Up Interiors

A full renovation of kitchens and bathrooms is unnecessary expense as the new owner will see that as a way of putting their own stamp on the property, but a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets is an investment that can pay off. Cosmetic updates leading to properties being presented in immaculate condition will help secure a sale.


Dynamic Marketing

Buyers can’t fall in love with your home if they haven’t seen it. It’s important to find out where your estate agent intends to promote your property. Ask what platforms they use to ensure your house gets as much exposure as possible. It’s also crucial that you’re happy with any images they have taken show your property in its best light, as this can be the difference between securing a viewing and being overlooked. 35% of potential buyers make their minds up about booking a viewing within 5 minutes of looking at a property online. At Michael Graham our professional photographers and videographers are experts at taking high quality shots inside and outside that guarantee a lasting first impression.


If you’re thinking of parting company with your home, please call us, or book an up to date market appraisal of your house today.

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