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Meet the Lettings Office Team

Discover the heart of our Lettings operations at 403 Midsummer Boulevard in Central Milton Keynes. Home to our central Lettings team, this hub is the command centre for specialised administration, overseeing property leasing from our 15 regional offices. Additionally, we excel in managing our clients' property portfolios, ensuring seamless and efficient service.

Michael Graham Lettings

Welcome to Michael Graham Lettings, a premier property management service with a robust presence across 15 strategically located offices in bustling town centres throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, and Warwickshire. Our expansive regional network operates on a unified database, connecting a multitude of individuals actively seeking rental properties similar to yours.


We understand the paramount importance of your rental property and approach its management with meticulous care. Our commitment includes the creation of comprehensive inventories and regular inspections to ensure the utmost protection and upkeep. Rigorous vetting of prospective tenants is a standard practice, guaranteeing that the right individual occupies and maintains your property with utmost responsibility.



Our rental valuations are accurate and customised to optimise your rental yield. Remarkably, 95% of our tenants willingly extend their tenancies beyond the initially agreed terms, minimising costly void periods. Headquartered in Central Milton Keynes at 403 Midsummer Boulevard, our central Lettings team comprises specialists adept at handling the leasing process for properties from our 15 regional offices. Additionally, the team efficiently manages our clients' property portfolios, ensuring seamless and effective property letting and management services.


Whether you're a landlord looking for a reliable partner or a tenant searching for your next home, Michael Graham Lettings is dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise. Connect with us to experience hassle-free and successful property management.

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