Written by Carly O'Brien | 28th April 2017


Water, Water Everywhere

New Zealanders are famous for their fondness of a bath tub on the deck. But how do you feel about a bath in the bedroom? In the Middle Ages, bathing in bedrooms was popular with the rich, as having a separate bathroom was unusual. Then in the noughties, chic, boutique hotels introduced roll top baths at the end of king-size beds.

Baths then made a glamorous statement appearing in bedrooms of luxury homes for sale, with some estate agents even floating candles in the bath to impress prospective buyers.

Cast iron or copper, roll top baths are the race-horses of the bath world, and can easily set you back tens of thousands of pounds. Regal in design, the roll top bath is a deep, freestanding tub with edges that curve at the top for maximum comfort while you soak. To reduce the risk of floorboards rotting they are traditionally elevated on claw feet, but can also be raised on a dais for a more contemporary look.

There’s nothing luxurious about soggy carpets, condensation on mirrors and damp clothes, so how can those perils be avoided? Well, unlike a shower, a bath doesn’t have to be a wet area. Avoid it becoming one by banishing any children to a separate bathroom for their splash around. Timber or stone flooring is ideal and a large, open plan room a necessity for ventilation. Luxury homes for sale often feature a sprawling master bedroom suite where the bath can be the star of the show. And if you want to try before you buy, check in to Foxhill Manor in Broadway in the Cotswolds, where one of the bedrooms has a pair of roll top baths positioned for garden views through the mullioned windows. For style and luxury, that’s hard to beat.

Does a bath in the bedroom float your boat, or do you prefer your bedroom as a sleep sanctuary rather than a spa experience? Let us know via our social channels and for more lifestyle blogs, or to browse luxury homes for sale, visit michaelgraham.co.uk

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