Written by Lisa Proffitt | 3rd August 2022


Top interior design trends for summer 2022

Good interior design can transform a home and is especially important for maximising your home’s appeal when it’s on the market. In 2022 trends like minimalism, Scandinavian and neutrals continue to be very popular, but if you like to follow the latest twists and turns on the interior design road, a mix of the following elements can be found in the most on-trend homes this summer:

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Tropical prints 

During the summer of 2019, interior designers were wild about flamingos. This time the tropical trend is more pared down and the summer 2022 signature look is large leaves, imagine palm or banana, on a light background.  Tropical print doesn’t have to mean shades of deep jungle green either. A contemporary palette of tan, pink and peach will keep the look fresh. If the thought of tropical wallpaper is overpowering, invest in a cushion, a print or a poster to provide that pop of pattern without the intensity of wraparound print.


Paint and homeware colours

Chalky greens, greys and pinks are popular choices this summer, and both Dulux and Pantone have chosen a shade of blue as their colour of the year. Dulux went for the uplifting-sounding Bright Skies and Pantone chose a deeper hue called Very Peri. Paint trends also apply to the ways in which paint is used and a big trend in 2022 is 'colour drenching', where the woodwork and skirting is painted the same colour as the walls.


Pet-friendly kitchens

There are around 10.2 million pet dogs in the UK and handcrafted luxury kitchen designers Martin Moore and Humphrey Munson spotted a gap in the market. Their kitchen designs feature stylish integrated spaces for a dog bed that allow your pooch to be part of the family without adding clutter or creating safety hazards for paws and tails.



Home buyers moving from the town to the country are reflecting the feeling that green spaces and nature are vital for our health and wellbeing. Plus, heatwaves in the UK and wildfires across the globe have made climate change impossible to ignore and we’re being urged to love our homes and our planet. Sustainability as a lifestyle choice means a shift away from ripping out perfectly usable kitchens. ‘Eco tweakments’ are the future with savvy home owners opting to retain the shell of their old kitchen and achieve a new look by changing cabinet doors, drawer fronts and paint colours. Ikea buys back used furniture in return for an Ikea refund card and a new generation of eco flat-packers including Swyft and Fuzl are selling easy-build kits, packaged in recycled cardboard using no glues or plastic. 


Colourful glassware

Old-fashioned tumblers, retro martini glasses and coloured glassware are the order of the day. Good and inexpensive ranges are available from the big supermarket chains including brightly coloured acrylic options for outdoor parties and picnics.


365-day garden furniture

We used to be a nation of fair weather barbecuers, but now outside entertaining plans go ahead whatever the weather. Our gardens need robust outdoor furniture in a colour to bring out the sunshine and Wayfair, Habitat and Marks and Spencer have some great new lines that are hardy enough to leave out all year round.


Bar stools

Kitchen seating has had an upgrade. Breakfast bar/island high chairs were found to be lacking in both style and comfort and padded bar stools upholstered in jewel coloured velvet are the new seat of choice. Picture the sort of seating you might find in a fancy hotel cocktail bar, reinvented for the kitchen.


Walk-in pantries, boot rooms and utility rooms

Walk-in pantries soared to the top of kitchen wish lists during the pandemic when the weekly shop became an exercise in stockpiling and storage. Open-plan living is still popular but homeowners and buyers have a new found appreciation for separate spaces. Larders, pantries, utility rooms and boot rooms remain huge selling points in today’s market.


Working from home

In an ideal world every property offered for sale would have a dedicated room as a home office. Failing that, a ‘multipurpose desk space’ as part of a fitted kitchen is now a standard option from off-the-shelf kitchen suppliers like Wickes or Magnet. If space is at a premium, something as simple as a fold down desk top can offer a perfect solution.


If you’re still weighing up the pros and cons of selling your home this year and would like some help and advice, our Michael Graham team would love to hear from you. Call us now and if you’re looking for a home to buy or to rent, all of our properties can be viewed here.

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