Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 15th January 2018


The Power of Purple – Pantone elects Ultra Violet as 2018 colour

For anyone with a keen interest in fashion and interiors, Pantone’s announcement of its colour of the year is big news.

For 2018, after detailed analysis of trends in the worlds of film, fashion, art, entertainment and technology, experts at the Pantone Color Institute have decided to celebrate Ultra Violet, describing the colour as a “provocative and thoughtful purple shade” that embodies individuality and spirituality.

Ultra Violet is a paint box bright artistic colour, inextricably linked to pop icons Prince and David Bowie. Following the death of Prince, Pantone unveiled a new colour in his honour, fittingly a dark purple in keeping with his trademark shade and the colour of his Yamaha piano. The colour purple also has genuine regal connections and has been favoured by rulers and monarchs since ancient times.


In the world of interiors, a bold and intense colour makes a great accent, and ultra violet works particularly well in a classic grey Nordic design scheme. You can pick it out subtly with cushions, an ottoman or a piece of artwork. An accent wall also works well, although more than one wall would probably be overwhelming. For any successful colour scheme it’s important to use the spectrum of different tones, from dark to light, for added interest and depth. Experiment with every shade, from the palest lilac (set to the be ‘it’ colour for bridesmaids this year) through to the deepest plum. Green is a natural partner for ultra violet, so if Greenery influenced your design last year, you’re ahead of the curve. If not, look for inspiration in nature and buy a few house plants. Enjoy bringing the outside in, which is a design winner in any home.


On planet fashion, Ultra Violet has made its way onto the runway too, with Gucci’s spring summer 2018 collection brimming with purple looks paraded under an ultra violet light. The shade also rocked the menswear at Balenciaga. If you’re not overly-flamboyant, the easiest way to wear purple is to use it sparingly as an accent, just as with soft furnishings. Think vibrant socks or Tom Ford’s new lip gloss ‘Violet’ from Selfridges. Basically, it’s all about being bold, strong and original. That’s the mood for the year ahead.

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