Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 29th May 2017

Dream Home

Take the plunge?

What does your dream home look like? With summer holidays fast approaching, the chances are it features a swimming pool, either indoors for easy access in dressing gown and slippers before breakfast, or outdoors for glamorous summer entertaining and children’s parties.

So, if you’re in the market for a swimming pool at your property, or are viewing properties for sale with a swimming pool, Michael Graham has the insider’s guide on to what to expect.

Make no mistake, swimming pools are not a low-cost option. Expect a well-designed, high-end outdoor pool to easily set you back £100,000 depending on the size and finish. And average running costs are about £10 a day for outdoor pools and £15 a day for indoor pools. For safety of children and pets you’ll also need a substantial safety cover. Top of the range makes come with assurances that they can withstand a tractor driving over them. In the hot summer months all that will feel like money well spent, with the whole family able to enjoy swimming, splashing and lounging poolside without even leaving home. Friends young and old will be beating a path to your door. Pools need daily care and attention during this time to keep them clean, but even when they’re not being used, they still need cleaning and maintaining all year round.

As for adding value to your property, Michael Graham agrees that whilst exceptional examples of outdoor pools do boost the price, it is safer to assume that you won’t get your money back. Indoor pools are a slightly different story, but cost a lot more to build in the first place. Finally, do bear in mind that if the pool doesn’t have a sophisticated heating and security system and isn’t properly maintained, it will put buyers off. Only take the plunge if you’re planning a summer of pool parties and are certain that you and your family will make full use of it.

Are home pools worth every penny? We’d love to know your thoughts. To view town and country properties for sale with Michael Graham (with or without a pool), see below!

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