Written by Lisa Proffitt | 24th September 2019


Selling your home by Christmas

Were you hoping to welcome in the new year in a new home but are concerned that the latest twist in the Brexit tale has put an end to that? The housing market is challenging it’s true, but don’t despair just yet. Buyers and sellers are still active across Michael Graham’s region and moving house by Christmas although ambitious is definitely still achievable.

How to sell your home by Christmas

So how do you maximise your chances of selling before Christmas without dropping the price?

Choose the best estate agent

Ask lots of questions and make sure you’re happy with the agent’s local knowledge, the quality of their photographs, their marketing strategy and the portals they use. Above all make sure they’re expert in selling homes just like yours.

Realistic asking price

Contact several local estate agents to get a range of prices and resist the urge to go with the highest one. The asking price needs to appeal to buyers and make your property stand out if you want a swift sale.


From the loft to the kitchen cupboards, mercilessly declutter.

Stunning photographs

Buyers look at a picture on an advert for just three seconds. Images need to grab attention and encourage a closer look.

Choose the right buyer

When you get an offer, consider the circumstances of the potential buyer and be as sure as you can be that their offer is serious. At the very least they need to show a letter from a mortgage lender confirming they have the finance agreed.

Reduce search delays

From accepting an offer it can take up to 12 weeks to complete a sale. One of the most common causes of delays is local authority searches, which can take weeks. Insist that your buyer contacts the local council to start the process as soon as you accept their offer.

Prepare paperwork in advance

Contact a solicitor, tell them you are selling and ask them to prepare a draft contract. Then when you accept a buyer’s offer you can immediately send out the paperwork and cut out weeks of potential delays.

Property title deeds

You’ll need them when you sell so dig them out now.

Choosing a solicitor

Confirm that your solicitor is prepared to work right up until Christmas and put that agreement in writing.

Keep in touch

Keep calling, emailing and encouraging all parties, from the estate agent to the solicitor, to keep up momentum and push through the sale.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Let us help you get moving by Christmas.

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