Written by Lisa Proffitt | 4th August 2021


Reasons to make a move into Marketing with Michael Graham

The property market is buzzing and house sales are at a record breaking high. Michael Graham is an established, trusted brand in the town and country house market and the number one agent in our region. Effective marketing is key to our image, reputation and success and we pay close attention to the following points:

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Digital age

In the UK, 53 million people use social media every day and three out of four internet users have at least one social media account. The digital world doesn’t stand still – in fact online marketing moves at the speed of light. Using our digital platforms, social media channels, consumer insights and creative design, we have more ways of reaching our target audience than ever before.


New trends

We always stay up to date with the latest trends, which you can’t always predict but must be ready to react to. The Covid-19 global pandemic is a perfect example. No one could have predicted the surge in social media usage throughout 2020 as people turned to social platforms to stay connected during the lockdowns. Michael Graham’s web traffic doubled as the market shifted and the ‘race for space’ trend emerged with record numbers of buyers searching for a new home in the country. Our ‘Connecting Country Homes with Capital Buyers’ and ‘Moving Forward Together’ campaigns responded to and reflected this trend to our customers.


Staying ahead

The Michael Graham marketing department is always fast paced and quick to respond. We were one of the first agents to start using virtual property tours at the start of the pandemic when physical viewings were not possible. We always stay one step ahead of our competitors by keeping an eye on latest news and forecasts.  


Vital for success

Marketing is important in every industry because without attracting new customers a business could not survive for long. Estate agency relies almost entirely on new customers rather than repeat customers so dynamic marketing that motivates and mobilises our target audience is vital. Michael Graham has a network of 14 offices and the marketing department work closely with all of them to inspire existing and new customers to choose Michael Graham when considering which estate agency to trust to sell their home.


Passionate about people

As an estate agency we deal in property, but our business and our passion is as much about people as it is bricks and mortar. Selling a home can be an emotional experience and being able to understand and empathise with our target audience are key skills for successful marketers. Whether it’s designing exciting new marketing and social media campaigns, data analytics, branding or logos, finding the most effective ways to engage and communicate with our customers and target audience is at the centre of everything we do.


Latest technology

Using analytics and data from brand touchpoints tools we constantly gather a wide range of audience insights. Understanding and interpreting this data helps us to build strong relationships with our customers. Creative advertising campaigns have played a huge part in building our customer-base and reputation as the region’s number one estate agency.


Creative flair

We are a creative team at Michael Graham and we aim to inspire. We don’t just sell houses – we offer an aspirational lifestyle designed around the most desirable town and country properties. We do this by using a wide range of attractive visual marketing such as enticing images, captivating videos, and artistic infographics. We have a huge catalogue of stunning images thanks to our professional in-house photographers which enable us to showcase what we have to offer.


Endless variety

The marketing department includes a wide range of disciplines including creative graphic design, advertising, journalism, PR and photography. From devising engaging and all-inclusive strategies for print and digital media campaigns to writing engaging content and fresh infographics, creativity is key and no two days are the same. One day you could be photoshopping a cow into a shot of Central London, the next you’ll be designing material for our country show events and then swiftly changing to graphics for the Google Display Network.


At Michael Graham we are looking for an innovative Creative Graphic Designer to permanently join the busy marketing team at our head office in Olney. If you have a flair for design, are passionate about property and would like to be part of the success of the Michael Graham brand, we would love to hear from you. We are keen to fill the role as soon as possible so please click here to fill out the application form. And good luck!

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