Written by Lisa Proffitt | 12th November 2021


Post-pandemic housing trends here to stay

During lockdowns and with our social lives on hold, our homes became more important than ever. Moving to the country for a home with more space inside and out became a priority for many homeowners living in urban areas.

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Families who decided to stay put re-evaluated how their homes worked for them, often making big design changes even in the smallest of rooms. The following trends borne out of the pandemic are predicted to stay with us for 2022 and beyond:



Minimalist and modern interiors weren’t cosy and comforting during lockdowns and we fell out of love with it’s neat and tidy aesthetic. Maximalism is life-affirming. Embracing multicolours, shapes, patterns and textures, it grabs your attention with its layered and eclectic look. Less isn’t more when there’s a pandemic and we want to be surrounded by things we love. More is more these days and maximalism is the answer.


Mix and match your eras

As anyone with an on-going building project knows, there is a shortage of materials and their price has gone through the roof. As a result, people are focusing much more on what they can find locally. Buying antiques and bric-a-brac is in vogue again with the desired aesthetic being a mixture of old and new. Inherited items have come into their own, sometimes being re-purposed to provide a focal point for a room. 


Real plants

The climate crisis is at a critical point and 2022 will see ever-more plastic and man-made materials being replaced with natural and organic alternatives. Stones, wood, natural fabrics, and natural colouring methods will take centre stage. Faux flowers and plants have had their day. For those who struggle to keep a plant alive, dried flowers look fresh and last for months. 


Broken-plan living

Now that we have experienced the challenges of working from home, often alongside a distracting partner or a child attending online lessons at the same time, open plan layouts aren't as attractive as they used to be. During the pandemic many people remembered that there are huge benefits to small, private spaces.


Staying at home

Entertaining at home rather than going out to crowded places has become the norm, especially for families with children. Sales of over-sized outdoor dining tables and outdoor seating have gone through the roof this year, with people continuing to opt for entertaining family and friends at home. Table dressing used to be considered very American but its popularity in the UK is continuing to grow. During the pandemic sales of tablecloths at John Lewis increased by 79%.


Joyful colours

Not surprisingly after our experience over the last two years, most designers are predicting an explosion in popularity of vibrant, life-affirming colours. Nina Campbell and Ben Pentreath are specific on the shades that will be most popular - tangerine and orange are their hot favourites. Dark colours are dramatic but they close in a space and without expert lighting a dark room is less adaptable for home working. So unless you have a big home or a larger room, it is best to go with lighter coloured furniture, accessories, and paint. In 2022, go bright or go home.


Cottage Core

Nostalgia and the need for comfort feature strongly in the interior design trends predicted for 2022. CottageCore, the aesthetic celebrating an idealised rural life, started off as a very simplistic trend, but has evolved into a traditional luxury style. Elegant vintage-style utensils, golden cutlery, designer accessories and prints in a pastel colour palette are all ways to embrace that specific, very fashionable look.


Natural wall finishes

Even organic and non-toxic paints have fallen out of favour and pure plaster, limewash and clay have taken their place as the preferred finish post-pandemic. Natural wall finishes are good for the planet, good for your health and look good too. In modern homes that can easily feel stark, raw walls add texture and personality.


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