Written by Lisa Proffitt | 17th February 2020


Our 10 top tips for presenting your home for sale

Once you’ve chosen an estate agent and your home is listed for sale, making sure that every potential buyer on a viewing falls in love with your home should be your number one priority. So, what top tips for presenting your home for sale will ensure that your property inspires love at first sight?

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  1. Make sure your property is priced correctly: Don’t be seduced into instructing the agent that gives you the highest valuation. An unrealistically high asking price is off-putting to buyers and can lead to a property being stuck on the market and eventually selling for less than if it had been correctly priced in the first place. At Michael Graham we know our local market conditions and we never over-value to gain instructions.
  2. You only get one chance to make the best first impression: It doesn’t matter how much time and money you’ve spent on the interiors, if the outside of your home for sale is shabby, potential buyers may not give it a second glance. Clean and sweep the path or drive, polish or even repaint the front door and check that the door bell is working.
  3. Stand-out online images: A third of potential buyers decide whether to book a viewing within seconds of seeing the online photos. At Michael Graham our team of in-house professional photographers are expert at staging homes to sell and will make sure your house and garden is presented at its best.
  4. Get cleaning: Potential buyers like to check water pressure so make sure your sinks, baths and taps are sparkling. Your home is your most valuable asset so if you’re time poor, invest in a professional cleaning service and book a one off deep clean to make certain that every room is immaculate.
  5. Have a clear out: Storage is a national obsession and you can be sure that potential buyers will be judging your home on its storage capabilities. Plus, your stuff can be distracting and make your home feel smaller than it is. A top tip for staging a house to sell is to declutter and clear surfaces to create the impression of having bags of room. Don’t just shove things into cupboards though, potential buyers will be looking inside.
  6. Redecorate not refit: Updating the kitchen or bathrooms may well be money down the drain. Repainting walls and cupboards on the other hand is a perfect, low-cost refresh. The key is to showcase your property at its very best and most ‘neutral’ in order to appeal to the widest possible audience. 
  7. Pay attention to the garden: Regardless of the time of year, when preparing a house to sell, maximise the appeal of any outside space so that buyers see it as an extension of the living space. Remove or set aside big toys like trampolines or slides, sweep patios, weed flowerbeds and mow the lawn. Buy ready grown plants and flowers from a garden centre to add cost effective colour and interest.
  8. Appeal to the senses: Most home buyers admit to trusting their gut feeling on a viewing. Baking fresh bread and brewing coffee may feel contrived, but comforting smells do stir up positive emotions. Equally true is that bad smells put buyers off. You may be immune to the smell of your dog or cat litter tray, but no-one else is, so open windows and use subtle air fresheners or diffusers.
  9. Pet-free zone: Not everyone loves dogs. Make sure they’re not in the house during viewings.
  10. Comfort matters: In the winter turn on the heating and in the summer open windows. You want buyers to enjoy a leisurely viewing, leaving with the impression that your home will be comfortable to live in whatever the weather.

Are you preparing a house to sell or perhaps searching for a new home for sale? Here at Michael Graham we have country cottages, manor houses and contemporary townhouses we’re certain you’ll fall in love with. Click the property search button now to find the home of your dreams.


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