Written by Carly O'Brien | 18th June 2018


Moving house: Reducing the stress for four-legged friends

At Michael Graham, Mitch is still on the hunt for his new home. Exciting though it is to move to a new stomping ground, it can also be a confusing time for dogs and cats who suddenly have their world lifted and put down again in a lovely but entirely unexpected new place. So, what are the best ways to ensure a happy transition to a new home?

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Dogs are generally good at adapting to new surroundings and there are plenty of ways to make the process more enjoyable.  During the packing phase keep boxes and clutter away from their space and pack their bedding, toys, food and water bowls at the very last minute. On moving day arrange for your dog to stay with a friend or relative.  For nervous dogs, or rescue dogs, The Adaptil Calm Collar uses your dog’s body heat to release reassuring pheromones that are scientifically proven to help calm their nerves. Talking of collars, buy a new identity tag and contact the vet to update their microchip with the new address.  Once you’ve moved in, scatter their favourite toys around and resist washing their bedding for a few weeks.  Stock up on dog treats and dot them around the house to be sniffed out.  Labradors especially will thank you.

Although cats are naturally independent, they love routine and change disturbs them.  Confine them to one room for the last few days in your old house and once you’ve moved, keep them inside for three weeks.  As with dogs, ensure their microchip is updated.  If your cat does go missing, check your old address.  Their internal radar works regardless of distance.  And you know the old wives’ tales about rubbing butter on a cat’s paws to help them find their way home?  100% myth.  All you get is greasy paw prints all over your new fixtures and fittings.

If you’re not moving house but want to give your dog a change of scene, Friday 22nd June is national take your dog to work day.  #BringYourDogToWorkDay trends at #1 on Twitter every year and this year all proceeds are going to dog welfare charity All Dogs Matter. 

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