Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 7th March 2018


Mother's Day Bouquets: Blooming with Beauty

Mothers all over the country are quietly looking forward to being showered with cards, (preferably home-made if children are little) chocolates and flowers on Mother's Day this weekend.

So whether you're creating a hand-picked arrangement, ordering from a florist, or heading out to the shops to choose a ready-to-buy bouquet, the following five tips will ensure that your gift is almost as lovely as the person receiving it.

  • Choose seasonal - Buying food that's in season allows us to enjoy fruit and vegetables at their best. The same goes with flowers and a growing trend among florists is for using seasonal flowers and foliage to make arrangements that conjure up fields and meadows. Spring favourites to look out for are ethereal magnolias, ranunculi, anemones, tulips, narcissi, hellebores and lily of the valley.
  • Sweet simplicity- A bunch of snowdrops on a breakfast tray presented by a small child is poetry in motion. To replicate that thoughtful simplicity, think about a soft and natural looking flower arrangement. Picking foliage from the garden or hedgerow and mixing it in with shop bought stems will transform a simple bunch of flowers into a beautifully bespoke bouquet.
  • Scent of a rose - It is said that the secret to happiness is remembering to stop and smell the roses. But that heady scent, synonymous with an English country garden, is often not what it used to be. Roses have been genetically modified to increase their longevity and intensify their colour, but this has sadly been at the expense of their fragrance. Most people have an urge to smell flowers when presented with a bouquet, so if you opt for roses make sure they smell as gorgeous as they look.
  • Innovative vases - Vintage milk bottles, mason jars and ceramic jugs all make simple but effective containers for your flowers. Stems of cherry blossom in an enamel jug look stunning, and hyacinth, bluebells and narcissi in a pretty pot or container can be enjoyed inside and then replanted in the garden and appreciated for years to come.
  • Colour coding - If you're aiming to impress with a professional looking arrangement, stick to blooms of the same shade. Pink roses are always popular for Mother's Day arrangements and adding in a few violet stems, Pantone's colour of the year, is a stylish touch.

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