Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 19th December 2018

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Michael Graham’s guide to home design trends for 2019

We may be in the thick of Christmas festivities, but what’s hot and what’s not for 2019 was decided months ago. So whether you’re thinking about ringing a few changes or just like to know which way the barometer of fashion is falling, here’s our guide to home design trends for 2019

home design trends for 2019


  • Perfect anywhere and especially in an English country house, the traditional beauty of floral fabrics and wallpapers, either abstract patterns or full on chintz, are set to be everywhere.
  • Kitchens with bolder colour choices or graphic tiles, especially as a splashback.
  • Darker kitchen countertops. Marble will still be a classic choice, but we'll see more darker tones and warmer-based stones instead of stark whites and grey.
  • We’re teetering in uncertain times at the moment and need a calm place to call home. What says comfort and safety more than a four-poster bed? 
  • Soft carpets and slouchy sofas. Enough said.
  • The spa-inspired bathroom isn’t going anywhere. In 2019 it will be all about bold, dark, designs that evoke an indulgent high-end experience.
  • Light-coloured floors are topping the 2019 wish list. In shades of birch, beachy white and light oak, these floors reflect the light and give a more open, airier feel.
  • Items made by hand using sustainable materials like jute, rice paper, and clay. Saving the planet is high on everyone’s agenda in 2019.



  • Farewell Rose Gold. We loved you for a while but now we prefer antique brass.
  • Succulent plants were huge in 2018. We need another easy-care plant solution.
  • The terrazzo tile trend. Not one to have undertaken lightly. It’s not an easy fix.
  • Copper furniture looked flashy and fun with millennial pink but more natural-looking metals are edging it out of the room.
  • Scandi grey tones are moving aside in favour of stark white and warmer neutrals.
  • Dramatic-coloured or wallpapered accent walls are so 2018. Single-coloured walls are now deemed to create a more balanced backdrop for furnishings and decor.
  • Quartz worktops. Too stark and commercial, especially with white cabinetry.

Do any of these home design trends for 2019 strike a chord with you? We’d love to hear what you think. Send us a tweet or a message via the Michael Graham Facebook page, and for town and country properties to buy or to rent, head to our Buy page.

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