Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 15th January 2018


Michael Graham Lettings

Are you contemplating a move to a new area, possibly to the country? Perhaps a weekend trip rambling over the fields and visiting a cosy village pub has given you a positive impression of your lifestyle if you move to that area.

 At Michael Graham we believe in trusting first impressions, but we also know that nothing beats living somewhere for discovering what an area is really like. Research is useful, and a quick online search will reveal the length of your proposed commute, but only by making the journey for a few months can you appreciate what it feels like day in day out, and find out first-hand the answers to three crucial questions: How busy are the roads? How reliable are the trains? And can you always get a seat?

At Michael Graham Lettings we can help you find a property to rent in your chosen area. Renting in an area that’s new to you before investing your capital is a sensible option, with the added benefit that if you do choose to buy, you’ll be on the spot for viewings and your chain free status will be attractive to vendors.

Renting is often regarded as the expensive option, but renting costs are low compared to the cost of selling and buying a new house and moving in. Renting rather than buying also offers the benefits of flexibility and freedom. If you decide an area doesn’t suit your family after all, when the lease comes to an end you can move out and move on. So why not let us help you find your ideal rental property? Then if you do decide to put down roots, the Michael Graham Lettings team will be there to guide you through a seamless transition from renting to buying your dream home.

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