Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 2nd July 2018


Making a splash in the garden: Wonderful water features

Is there anything more soothing and relaxing than the sound of running water? Or the sight of birds bathing in a pond on a hot summer’s day? Whether your preference is for water walls or wildlife pools, fountains or rills, there is a water feature out there to suit your garden whatever its size.

The key to a successful installation is in the planning, so bear in mind the following points and everything is sure to go swimmingly:

  • Location: Full exposure to the elements can make it hard to maintain water levels in a pond or water feature.  Ideally you want a sheltered site, out of direct sunlight.
  • Power: You’ll need electricity which combined with the water aspect makes the installation a job for a skilled tradesperson.  Alternatively, opt for a solar powered feature.
  • Ponds are unbeatable for attracting new wildlife to your garden.  Add floating plants like water lilies and a wooden ramp, or rocks, to allow any creatures that fall in to climb back out again. For crystal clear water you will need a filtration system, unless the pool is small enough to drain and refill every few months.
  • If you want Koi carp, bear in mind they do need a large pond with good filtration.  They also live for around 50 years if they’re not taken by a visiting heron. It’s not uncommon for ducks to introduce them to ponds by having their eggs on their feet.
  • Rills: Essentially a very thin canal as narrow as six inches and rarely more than a couple of feet wide, garden designers often install a rill down the centre of a path or lawn to create real impact in a garden.
  • Bubbling millstones have the royal seal of approval: Prince Charles has one on his terrace at Highgrove. You can buy them in kit form, a metre-diameter stone with a central fountain jet that sits on a grating over a tank.
  • Numerous online companies sell water features.  From Haddonstone’s traditional stone fountains to the contemporary metal designs by David Harber there is a perfect design for every garden and budget.

Do you have a garden water feature?  We’d love to see a picture.  Find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and for Michael Graham town and country properties for sale or rent, visit our website at michaelgraham.co.uk

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