Written by Alex MItchell | 3rd August 2018


Horse-friendly properties: Michael Graham’s top tips

Horses and houses in the unspoilt countryside are a winning combination. If you are planning a move to the country or enjoying summer days out at a country show, chances are at least one family member will raise the subject of adding a horse or pony to the tribe.

We asked our Michael Graham equestrian property specialists what they would recommend for anyone considering buying a horse-friendly property. Here are their top tips:

  • A paddock should be top of the priority list with a good rule of thumb being one acre per horse.  Ideally there would be enough acreage to allow grazing on half of the land with the remaining half left to rest.  Giving the land time to recover from over usage or a bad winter will save money in the long run if you don’t have to rent land from elsewhere.
  • Good drainage of the land is crucial to keeping future expenses under control.  If your field is waterlogged, horses will be stuck in the stables all day meaning more mucking out and higher food costs.
  • Location.  Riding out from the property means you may need to negotiate access across a neighbouring farmer’s land to bridal paths, roads and tracks.
  • Stabling.  Stables also require good drainage and must be in a good state of repair as they will undergo a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis.  Consider the cost of erecting stables and fencing where they are needed.
  • Tack room. If it’s not part of the property already, think about whether you will be able to build one on the land. Leaving saddles and bridles in a tack room is much better than trailing them through the house.
  • If you want to be close to a racing or eventing hub, you will pay a premium for acreage.  By looking slightly further afield, you are likely to get more land for your money.
  • If you plan on running an equestrian business, a home office in the property is an important consideration.
  • For many equestrian buyers, the family home comes second to the horse facilities.  Remember to weigh up local transport links, amenities and schools before making a final decision.

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