Written by Vikki Measures | 8th July 2020


Get organised with our declutter your home checklist

Having a good old fashioned clear out can be fun, is definitely rewarding and helps to relieve stress, but how do we declutter once and for all without having to go through the whole thing again in a few weeks’ time? How can stuff mount up again so quickly?

tips to declutter your home checklist

Have a read of our declutter your home checklist for some top tips on turning your home into a calm and clutter-free haven, and keeping it that way:

  1. Start small: It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys author Marilyn Paul suggests that you step into a room, spend three minutes tidying, then leave it. Set the timer on your phone and work against the clock. You’ll never miss those three minutes, it might even be fun, and you’ll have the joy of a clutter-free room later.
  2. The 30-day challenge: Some people find it easier to declutter by following an organised format. A popular one is to get rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two, three things on day three and so on, until you reach 30 days. This will remove a sizeable amount of stuff in a month and is especially useful for problem areas like the playroom or the junk drawer.
  3. Politely decline other people’s cast offs: It’s hard to say no when friends or family offer you the bedside table or dinner service they don’t have room for anymore. We all love a freebie but pause before accepting. Your space is precious. Only adopt things that you love and know you will use.
  4. Beware online shopping: Every day brings a new flurry of Sale! emails pinging into your inbox. If you’re tempted, put the item in your basket and wait 24 hours before clicking through to Paypal.
  5. Teach the one-in-one-out rule: Children need to learn that storage is finite, and that amassing one thing after another eventually leads to clutter and chaos. When they get a new toy or new top, get them into the habit of sending something off to the charity shop. They’ll thank you one day when they have a home of their own.
  6. Use clear canisters: If your kitchen lacks storage, your work tops will bear the brunt of the problem and look over-crowded and untidy. Use Kilner jars or pretty containers instead of an array of supermarket boxes when you have to devote visible space to food.
  7. Keep surfaces clear: Kitchen worktops littered with random documents, keys (which you can never find when you need them) and the dog’s lead are not the look you were going for when you had the kitchen fitted, but a few minutes of targeted decluttering can work wonders. While you wait for the kettle to boil or pasta to cook, sweep everything on the worktop in to a basket (as a declutterer baskets are your best friend) to sort out later.  Make this a daily habit and you’ll soon tame the chaos.
  8. Embrace the "drop zone":  If you’re going for a clear and organised home it seems crackers to create a place where you leave piles of stuff, but it works. Nominating a place for everyday items like school bags, gym bags and shoes to be dumped prevents your entire home from filling with a trail of unnecessary clutter.
  9. Block clutter with something pretty: Make it harder for stuff to be dumped just anywhere on a whim. Place a plant, a nick nack or a framed photo on your tables or work tops.
  10. Keep 10% free: When you organise your kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and drawers, keep 10% of space empty. That’s the gap you’re opening up for positive energy and newness to flow into your life.

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