Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 1st June 2018


Aspirational outbuildings: The party barn

A recent report in Country Life magazine revealed that house buyers in Britain would be swayed by a party barn at a property far more than by a conservatory, media room, dressing room or gym. Any converted outbuilding will add value to your property, but a party barn will quite possibly add the most joy to your life.

Children’s parties, milestone birthday parties, wedding receptions – the party barn is the perfect venue for them all. And if the barn is a fair distance from the main house, the party can go on all night without disturbing any light sleepers.


In fact, Agas and kitchen islands are being jostled to make room for party barns at the top of home buyer’s wish lists. It used to be enough to have a lawn big enough for a marquee in the garden for big events, but the permanence of the party barn makes planning and entertaining so much easier. If your property has outbuildings, converting one into a party barn could well be relatively straightforward. The main thing is to nail down costs beforehand. Beams are characterful and charming, woodworm less so. A structural engineer will rule out any problems lurking below the surface and make sure the frame of the building is shipshape.


If your property has land but no outbuilding, plenty of companies specialise in building a rustic looking barn from scratch. And if the budget allows, incorporating a kitchen and bathroom will make hosting events that bit easier. Also, if you ever have a change of financial circumstances and want to go down the route of renting out the barn for functions, or bringing in extra income through lettings, a kitchen and bathroom will mean the space is primed and ready to go. In fact, party barns offer versatility in abundance. They are a great space from which to run a home business, be that flower arranging or fund raising, and offer perfect potential as a ready-made annexe for grown up children or granny. Just make sure you’ve had plenty of memorable parties before you give the space over to a more sober use.


Party barn or cinema room, which would you choose?

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