Written by Wesley Muchimwe | 7th February 2017


A getaway in the garden – the bespoke bar shed

Sheds are now officially hip, with 21 million Britons owning one, according to research by Cuprinol last year. Couple that with the fact that maximising your outside space can add significant value and increase the price of your property, and this home and garden trend may well raise a smile (as well as a glass) after ‘dry’ January.

What we’re talking about here is the popularity in the UK of a shed to bar conversion. So if your humble shed is languishing as a store room for bikes and a lawnmower then this could be a dream DIY project for 2017.

The trend started on allotments where sheds for storing garden tools became a natural place to gather for post-planting refreshment. Large and elaborate or small and simple, the size of the shed isn’t important, although being able to stand up inside is key for the bartender (probably you). A couple of seats are crucial and ambient lighting can easily be provided by rows of fairy lights or lanterns - use simple solar lights if you don’t have the budget for a power supply. The bar itself and retro bar signs can be picked up easily from eBay or Amazon and a wall-mounted bottle opener and an accurate clock may also prove invaluable.

If you don’t own a shed but want to make the most of your outside space, then ready-made bar sheds can be sourced online. Or consider a thatched tiki bar for a more exotic themed drinking establishment. For inspiration, Pinterest and Pubshed.co.uk are great online resources for ideas on styling and decoration and ReaderSheds.co.uk run an annual “Shed of the Year” competition looking for Britain’s most innovative sheds, from champagne bars to the more traditional tavern, and their pages may also help when planning a theme.

So for a good night out, why not keep it simple and take a stroll to your bespoke getaway in the garden? Just make sure the bar is well-stocked.

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