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Carly O’Brien
Written by Carly O’Brien 25th November 2016

The truth about escaping to the country

10 things to consider before swapping the city for a rural idyll

Most of us have dreamed at one point or another of leaving city life behind us for an idyllic life in the countryside.

But what are the benefits of moving and what are the things you should consider first?

The positives

  1. The community – Most rural areas have a thriving community spirit which can be missing from the urban sprawl of London, whether it is local societies or just knowing the names of your neighbours.
  2. The outside space – We all know in London a property with a large family garden can be difficult to get your hands on at an affordable price. In the countryside space is at less of a premium meaning you can have your pick of anything from a family garden to acres of land.
  3. The idyllic setting – Rather than looking out of your window at parked cars your views are more likely to be green fields or ancient woodland. Having the beautiful English countryside on your doorstep also offers the opportunity to get out and exercise more easily.
  4. The pubs – While there may not be the choice of drinking and eating establishments you are used to, rural pubs continue to be at the heart of their communities.
  5. The peace and quiet – Say goodbye to the constant sounds of urban life, in the countryside your sleep is more likely to be disturbed by passing wildlife than passing traffic and the lack of light pollution also means you can spend the evening stargazing in your new garden.

Things to consider

  1. The commute – If you are going to continue working in the city think carefully about how long your commute will be and how you are going to achieve it. Public transport links can be limited so your own car will probably be a must.
  2. The lifestyle – If you know you love going to the theatre and eating out at London’s top restaurants then be realistic about how far away from the city you want to move. Look at areas just outside the city which still offer good transport links, particularly if you have teenagers.
  3. The connectivity – Planning on working from home at your new country retreat? Check whether there is a reliable high-speed internet service.
  4. The community – Yes, we know this also a positive but if you enjoy the anonymity of London then a small village where people happily approach you in the street might not be the right choice for you.
  5. The facilities – Look carefully at what is on offer in the area you are considering. Is there a village shop to pick up necessities or a local post office? Remember, you won’t be able to just pop out to the 24-hour convenience store whenever you run out of something.

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