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Pete Thomas
Written by Pete Thomas 1st April 2016

A fashionable thatch… Trump that!

As our cousins across the pond in the US prepare to elect their next President, a certain Republican candidate is making an unlikely impact in UK homes, too.

Admirers of Mr Trump’s own thatch are setting a trend by having it replicated on their cottage roofs.

The roof design, which uses locally sourced dried water reed, rushes and sedge, is crafted into a coiffure-like covering using the latest, highly skilled thatching techniques.

Dubbed the ‘Trump Top’, the thatched roof is becoming the ultimate must-have in curb appeal, thanks to the recent revelation that as a young man, Mr Trump worked as a trainee thatcher.

It is well known that the would-be President worked for his father’s real estate development firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, while he was a student.

But less publicised is that this included a stint learning the thatching trade in the Ithaca region of upstate New York. Trump spent his holidays between semesters, as well as some time after graduating, creating thatched roofs for wealthy clients.

Now, the famous-tuft-inspired thatch is popping up atop cottages around the English countryside, and is making its mark.

The techniques used to weave the thatch yield a roof that typically lasts in excess of three decades. So, love it or hate it, much like the man himself the Trump Top is set to be around for many years to come.