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Pete Thomas
Written by Pete Thomas 14th March 2014

The home truth of London buyers

You’re selling your home and there’s a long list of things you need. Like a fresh lick of paint here and there. Or an appetising bread-baking recipe that would be good to perfect for when viewers are visiting. A freshly mowed lawn. And, if the unpredictable British climate allows, a sunny, radiant day…

But these are the little details. What do you need the most?

An audience of would-be buyers that are willing to pay the price your property deserves. Prospects who are yearning for the home you’ve worked tirelessly to improve, and the charming area where it’s located. And where are they?

Some may be round the corner. Others may be in the wider community. There’ll be a few in neighbouring villages and towns. But, as Michael Graham has found, many of these attractive buyers are further afield – in London.

It’s why, every year, we take part in the Move to the Country Show, where we present the most sought-after properties from our area to those who are seeking them. Because we’ve found this sizeable section of capital-dwellers have dreams of escaping city life for the country. They’ve concluded they want to live where rural tranquility and beauty is combined with quick access to busier towns, and London itself. Like that of the counties from Oxfordshire across to Cambridgeshire, and Northamptonshire down to Buckinghamshire, which are all covered by Michael Graham.

Then there’s the unavoidable point of financial power. Because there’s no getting round it, London property prices are always greater than those of the surrounding counties. And it’s why those who live in our great metropolis have reached one crucial decision: they want more for their money, and their eyes are firmly focused on your home.

So where are your eyes focused? If it’s round the corner or down the road, that’s a great start to selling your home. But trust us, if you cast your eyes a little further afield – to London – we’ll find you the buyers you really need.

Contact us to find out more about featuring your home in the Move to the Country Show. It's held on Thursday 27 March 2014, so you need to move quickly!