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Erica Sereno
Written by Erica Sereno 17th July 2017

Making a rented house feel like home

The hardest thing about living in a rental property can be the way it’s been decorated. Even uniformly white walls, though not blatantly offensive, can feel cold and impersonal. Luckily, this problem is easily fixed without even reaching for a paintbrush. Here are Michael Graham’s top five tips for making your rented house feel like home, without upsetting the landlord and losing your deposit, or spending money you won’t get back.

  1. Fill the rooms with things you love. Scatter around objects with sentimental value and watch the space come alive with your memories.
  2. Art and mirrors. A large canvas or oversized mirror propped against the wall makes a show-stopping focal point and adds immediate depth and drama to a room. Add paintings or framed photographs and instantly make the space your own.
  3. Be bold with colours and texture. If the flooring or furniture fill you with horror, don’t panic. Big statement rugs are the answer for floors you’d rather keep under wraps. Choose assorted sizes, colours and designs for an on-trend bohemian feel. Unsightly sofas and chairs can easily be camouflaged with cosy throws, a sheepskin or inexpensive loose covers.
  4. Befriend freestanding furniture. Rented homes often lack storage and freestanding bookcases are a perfect solution. Offering a winning combination of storage and decoration, they provide valuable space for ornaments and accessories which all add colour and personality to the room. Best of all, you can take them with you when you move on.
  5. Get green. After it’s heyday in the seventies, bringing the outside in with classic potted plants like palms, ferns and even bamboo is once again in vogue. If you’re completely lacking green fingers, fake it with high quality faux foliage and flowers. Or opt for cacti which are stylish and virtually indestructible.

With a focus on the things you can change, your rented house will soon feel like home sweet home. And if you’re interested in letting your property or are looking for a property to rent, Michael Graham would love to hear from you. Contact us at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.