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Erica Sereno
Written by Erica Sereno 7th April 2017

Fashion for Fake Flowers

Pop royalty Elton John is famous for filling his house with fresh flowers on a weekly basis. But for those of us without a celebrity-sized budget, a dazzling bunch of fakes is far more economical than flowers that wilt and fade within a week. Luxury homes for sale often display artificial blooms that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, and high-end design company OKA, run by Samantha Cameron’s mother Annabel Astor, reported sales of their stunning artificial arrangements almost doubling last year.

Longevity and low maintenance are both obvious benefits of faking it in the flower stakes, but another huge plus is that they won’t make you sneeze. An important consideration now that a staggering twelve million of us suffer with pollen allergy. Artificial grass and outdoor plants like box are also popular as high tech design methods protect them against sunlight and UV rays, so they retain their vibrant colour year after year. So, what are the top tips for fooling people with your fakes?

Experts suggest choosing seasonal fake flowers and then adding lots of texture for a professionally arranged look. Experiment with mixing up big blooms like roses, hydrangeas and peonies with ‘fauxliage’ like berry branches, evergreen leaves or wild feathery grasses for spring. The type of vase is also important with a good rule of thumb being, ‘the grander the vase, the simpler the arrangement’. Ceramic rather than glass is often more stylish, but if you do opt for glass, keep the stalks in water for that realistic touch. Don’t worry, they are rust-proof. Even luxury homes for sale don’t escape the scourge of the dreaded dust, but a quick blast with a hairdryer is the answer. Alternatively, hold the stalks upside down in the shower and let them dry naturally.

And if anyone dares to criticise, remind them that the garden at the Palace of Versailles in France used to be filled with fake roses, which was good enough for Louis XV.

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