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Pete Thomas
Written by Pete Thomas 1st April 2015

New ’EPC’ style ratings for domestic gardens on the way!

No matter who’s in power after the election, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for gardens are likely to be a reality towards the end of the year in England, and soon after in the rest of the UK.

Direct from the EU as part of a greener, cleaner, healthier and sustainably responsible directive, some of the new ratings criteria are, controversially, thought to include:

Positive green ‘points’ (A rating) will be awarded for:

  • Waste management and recycling of garden waste, food and animal waste
  • A garden's attractiveness to bees, birds and endangered wildlife such as the ’nurture-a-newt' programme
  • Green wheelie bin kerbside appeal
  • Responsible eradication of multi-spotted ladybirds and other garden pests
  • VegShare – a scheme promoting crop growing and communal garden produce sharing

Negative green ‘points’ (up to a G rating) will be awarded for:

  • Excessive water consumption, paddling pools, swimming pools, hot tubs (usage potentially to be monitored from air using drones)
  • High 'fallen-leaf’ count in autumn months
  • Barbecue and bonfire emissions
  • Use of jet-washers (for which licences are being considered)
  • A garden's attractiveness to vermin/pests (unless for the specific purpose of eradication as above)
  • Overly excessive stockpiling of garden waste furniture, play equipment, old vehicles, gnomes and garden ornaments

The full details are still in the early stages and the implications of which will no doubt become the subject of much debate and media coverage over the coming months.

Watch this green space!