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Alex Mitchell
Written by Alex Mitchell 6th April 2018

Cupboard love: Perfect pantries

It’s safe to assume that former Great British Bake-Off judge and national treasure Mary Berry has a pantry in her house. In fact, the hit television programme has been credited with causing something bordering on a national obsession with pantries this year. Social media is awash with glossy images of larders and pantries, all beautifully organised and stocked ready for any culinary eventuality. Here at Michael Graham, we’re not immune to the scourge of out-of-date jars lurking at the back of a cupboard gathering dust, so in the spirit of spring cleaning, here are some tips on how to get your pantry Instagram ready.

  1. Out with the old – Expired packets and jars are enemies of an efficient pantry. Clear them out and free up space.

  2. Shelf help – Adopt the two supermarket practices of rotating the older items to the front and placing heavy items on the lower shelves to avoid calamity if they fall. Anything used a lot should be between eye level and waist level and items you don't use often (or food you want the children to be able to grab themselves) can be on a shelf lower down. And group items together. If you bake a lot, keep all ingredients and decorations together in one basket to make them easy to find.

  3. Storage - If you're lucky enough to have a walk-in pantry, use baskets and containers to avoid losing things in the back. Lightweight baskets are also an easy storage solution for loose fruit and vegetables. Mason jars are a much-loved storage solution for all dry ingredients including pasta, nuts, spices, sugar, flour and seeds. Effortlessly elegant, they’re practical too, showing when you need to re-stock.

  4. Dig out the Tupperware – Reportedly, the Queen’s breakfast table is laid with Tupperware containers of cornflakes and porridge oats. A timeless classic.

  5. If you don’t have room for a walk-in pantry, a dedicated larder cupboard within your kitchen cabinetry is worth considering. Depending on space, you could have a cupboard integrated into a run of tall units. There are also some beautiful freestanding designs with a set of double doors opening to shelves with drawers below, which you’ll soon wonder how you managed without.

How do you organise your pantry shelves?