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Carly O’Brien
Written by Carly O’Brien 3rd April 2017

What’s Hot in the Bedroom?

Sleep is having a moment in the media, and not just because it’s National Bed Month. It turns out that if you want to be thinner, more attractive and live longer, the key is getting the right amount of sleep. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so how best to create a sleep sanctuary? Check out these top trends if you have a property for sale or simply want some inspiration for a dreamy bedroom makeover.

  • A staple in luxury hotel bedrooms, the 2017 craze is for upholstered headboards. Whether a classic style in neutral colours with buttons, or a plush one in velvet, a headboard is an easy way to update and add instant glamour to a bedroom.
  • Charging-stations incorporated into bedside tables to charge phones, tablets and kindles while you sleep are big in the multi-functional furniture world. Perhaps not for teenager’s bedrooms if you’re battling to limit their screen time.
  • In the seventies teasmades were everywhere. Today, the most on-trend bedrooms in a property for sale will have a coffee bar built in. As well as a mini fridge for the milk or wine.
  • 2017 is Pantone’s Greenery Year, and what better way to embrace green than to bring the outside in with potted plants or flowering orchids? Sleeping with fresh floral scents in the bedroom has been proven to encourage sweet dreams, so opt for a lavender or jasmine plant.
  • Bohemian bedrooms are big in 2017. Bring in boho-chic and good vibes with colourful textures and patterns. Throws and cushions instantly create a colour scheme, and pull the look together with a vibrant rug by the bed.
  • Bed linen is an easy way to restyle your bedroom, and linen sheets in the grey-on-grey trend will make for a soothing and peaceful ambience. To be avoided if the crumpled look makes you want to reach for the iron.

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