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Simon Hill
Written by Simon Hill 27th January 2015

A new advertising avenue for sellers – a new option for buyers

If, like us, you watch the property market closely, you’ll know that January always brings at least one certainty about the sector – that there will be numerous experts making commentary and predictions about property in the next 12 months.

Among these, one observation has emerged that is particularly intriguing: Lloyds Bank’s finding that 2014 saw the greatest number of home movers for seven years.

Naturally, strong market momentum like this is good news for estate agents. But Lloyds Bank’s findings are also fortuitous in light of our decision to broaden our online advertising channels for this evermore-competitive market. By joining the soon-to-be-launched

As a rival to RightMove and Zoopla – the dominant online property portals – is set to bring a fresh face and focus for sellers and buyers, offering them a unique opportunity to gain exposure and discover dream homes. It has been developed by an association of major estate agents, which have invested significantly to bring a sophisticated and powerful alternative to the status quo.

And – hinted by Lloyds Bank’s research – as competition increases with rising levels of home movers, we’re keen to embrace such a new avenue for promoting our clients’ homes.

Michael Graham director Richard Irlam explains: “As we’re revitalising our online advertising channels, we’re delighted to be joining – it’s an innovative opportunity and a great time to be expanding our marketing avenues.”

We do however recognise that this may cause concerns for our clients. One in particular is that estate agents that commit to advertising their clients’ homes with must cease their arrangements with either RightMove or Zoopla.

Richard adds: “We have examined this factor closely, as we recognise that RightMove is the online property advertising leading player – and one that is highly valued by vendors and buyers alike.

“As such, Michael Graham will continue to market clients’ homes through RightMove as we have for many years, alongside our new offering through”

This strategic selection of online property channels, combined with our traditional, local and London advertising puts us in a uniquely strong position for what looks like to be a busy year ahead – and beyond.

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